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Cheat...and not get caught

Posted on 11:12 PM by Mr FX_is

Cheating on a signifgant other, and not getting caught can sometimes be a very hard thing to do, but use these tips and you may have a better chance of getting away with it.

First if you are planning to go out with that new special someone who has caught your eye, always have an Alibi for the night, and always make sure to let your Alibi know that you are using them and what the plan is for the night. Example: "Honey, John and I are going to play some basketball tonight".

When you leave the house make sure you are dressed to go play basketall, make sure you have taken a shower earlier in the day, and gotten your change of clothes for your actual date already set aside in your car.

When you are out on your date make sure you call to check in with your significant other at least once during the duration of your outing as to not raise any suspicion.

when the date is over, before returning back home stop off change back in to your original outfit, make sure to check for lipstick or any other evidence of wrong doing. Check in with your alibi to make sure nothing strange has happened that might make your story unbelievable . Ex: Friend saw signafant other at store during time that you should of been with them.

Be Smart, don't say your going to place or doing things that you would not normally do, or go.