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Cheat...and not get caught

Posted on 11:12 PM by Mr FX_is

Cheating on a signifgant other, and not getting caught can sometimes be a very hard thing to do, but use these tips and you may have a better chance of getting away with it.

First if you are planning to go out with that new special someone who has caught your eye, always have an Alibi for the night, and always make sure to let your Alibi know that you are using them and what the plan is for the night. Example: "Honey, John and I are going to play some basketball tonight".

When you leave the house make sure you are dressed to go play basketall, make sure you have taken a shower earlier in the day, and gotten your change of clothes for your actual date already set aside in your car.

When you are out on your date make sure you call to check in with your significant other at least once during the duration of your outing as to not raise any suspicion.

when the date is over, before returning back home stop off change back in to your original outfit, make sure to check for lipstick or any other evidence of wrong doing. Check in with your alibi to make sure nothing strange has happened that might make your story unbelievable . Ex: Friend saw signafant other at store during time that you should of been with them.

Be Smart, don't say your going to place or doing things that you would not normally do, or go.


Be a good neighbor

Posted on 9:17 PM by Mr FX_is

Being a nice neighbor is not easy. Most especially if your neighbor is annoying. They do stuff that hates your guts. You just cannot accept them as your friend. How would you deal with that kind of situation? You might say that you don't care but being good to our neighbor pays a lot. It does not meant that you have to pretend of being nice so that they will give you something ,but it is not that way. Meant by pays a lot is when you are in trouble majority of help is from our neighbors. You can easily shout or scream for help if needed.

You have to think the good side of being a good person to your neighbor. Do not focus of the things that you hate most against them. It will not help you at all. Annoying neighbor can be very difficult to communicate and they often ignored your presents but you have to be patient and friendly to them. They will realized later that their actions does not bother you at all and they will feel more comfortable talking with you. See , when your neighbor feels like you hate what they do ,they will always do something that you hate the most. But ignoring them will creates a mutual understanding between your annoying neighbor and your family. Weird neighbor can be very annoying too but the problems is not only with them it can be you.

Be good to your neighbor even if they are annoying.
Do not focus the negative side of your neighbor's life. Treat them as your family by simply recognizing their presents.
Be patient all the times. Being a good neighbor takes a lot of patients to accept their actions. It can be very intimidating to hear loud noise or voices from them but be considerate to them.


Make Friends As aesy A,B,C

Posted on 11:47 PM by Mr FX_is

in this guide i will shoy you how to easily make friends, primarily pointed at high schoolers and younger audiences, but i guess it would work for anyone.

Things You’ll Need:

  • a good fun personality
  • at least one friend already made
  • a large selection of potential pals
  • good humor
Day 1: walk around the campus with your friends(s) just to get a feel of the place

Day 2: start a conversation with someone, this may seem hard but just find a random person, and say something like "nice shoes!" or "have a nice day" ive even made friends by standing at the gates to schoo, with a friend and saying "welcome to school have a nice day" some people will talk, others wont, these things dont happen overnight give it time .

Days 3 and on: keep in touch with the friend, talk about their interests, (i.e music, tv, movies etc) but dont ask anything to personal, or you'll sound creepy. HAVE FUN .

But remember
  • dress nice, try not to smell, look friendly, dont stare, make eye contact
  • if you say something creepy, you might get hit


How to Break up With Your Girlfreind

Posted on 11:16 PM by Mr FX_is

There may come a time in your life when your relationship with your girlfriend turns sour. If you are reading this, it probably already has. Breaking up with your girlfriend is a tough decision and is not to be taken lightly. You need to make sure it is something you really want to do. If you are at the end of your rope and you don’t think you can salvage the relationship, it is time to cut your losses and move on. Follow these steps to learn how to breakup with your girlfriend.

Know not to tell your friends first. If you tell your friends that you are unhappy in your relationship and are going to breakup with your girlfriend, she will no doubt find out before you tell her. This would be unfair to her and create unneeded tension between the two of you; any tension you can save will be better in the long run

Find the right day to breakup. Every woman is different, some would prefer the relationship to end right before the weekend so they can go out with their friends and get over it. Others however prefer an early week breakup so they can try to forget about it over the workweek. You should know your girlfriend well enough to decide which would be best for her.

Make sure you breakup in a neutral spot. To reduce how awkward the breakup will be, it is a good idea not to do it at your apartment. Public places such as parks and restaurants are good choices because they allow your soon to be ex-girlfriend a chance to leave whenever she wants without feeling overly embarrassed.

Breakup face to face. A personal breakup will not only drive the point home better, it also shows a level of maturity on your part. It is probably the hardest way to end a relationship, but it better allows the two of you to remain friends because of the respect it shows for your ex-girlfriend.

Explain your decision. She deserves to know why you are ending the relationship. Make sure to be thorough enough to leave any doubts out of her mind, but make sure that you don’t go into too much detail.

Make sure you stick to your guns. You have obviously put a lot of thought into your decision to breakup with your girlfriend, so you need to make sure to stand by your decision. There may be tears shed on both sides, but that is no excuse to restart a failed relationship.


Manage Upset In Your Life

Posted on 12:35 AM by Mr FX_is

Ever found yourself in a situation where you are blindsided by someone's bad behavior and are suddenly thrown into a downward spiral? Or maybe you are guilty of bad behavior and want to run and hide! Perhaps an unfortunate or frustrating event occurs unexpectedly. This type of thing happens to all of us at one time or another and there are ways through it. There seem to be three basic types of upsets from which all our upsets stem: Unfulfilled Expectations, Thwarted Intentions, and Undelivered Communications. Simply knowing about these upsets and being able to recognize them are powerful tools.

We must realize we're in such a situation by recognizing it for what it is: a common upset between two people or a typical unfortunate or frustrating circumstance we experience. These are a normal part of life that we don't need to resist. They will happen!

Be willing to pause and take a breath before doing or saying anything, in order to decide which type of upset this is, so that you can focus on the best approach. By doing this you can, to a certain degree, immediately diffuse the situation.

If it's an upset with someone you love or need to stay in relationship with, and you find yourself physically shaking, you can tell them that you need time to think about it and will get back to them. Then walk away temporarily to avoid further upset. When you feel strong enough, you can tell them you're sorry they feel that way and ask them what they think they need to resolve the situation, even if you feel they're wrong. The goal is to stay in communcation and work though the issue. We all need someone to simply listen to us when we're upset.

If you're in a frustrating circumstance, like waiting in line at the DMV or having a misunderstanding with someone in person or on the phone, the first thing to remember is whoever you're talking to is usually not the actual problem, so there's no need to yell at them! This is where the breathing and calm demeanor come in handy. Keep calmly asking questions to get all the info and then make the best decision possible. Often there's more than one opportunity to set things right.

Always try to focus on the positive aspects of every situation so that the negatives won't take over. Upsets are very common so there's no need to get completely overwrought and hopeless. Try to find the humor in every situation!


Date With Your Friend's Roommate

Posted on 9:53 PM by Mr FX_is

One of the most exciting times is when one of your friends gets a new roommate. It's a chance to meet somebody new, and it's an easy way to possibly meet somebody to date. Read on to learn how to date your friend's roommate.
Consider your relationship with the friend. Is it solid or is it dicey? If it's solid, then you shouldn't worry about asking the roommate out. If it's dicey, you might want to be careful.
Make sure you like this person before you ask them out. This is the advantage to this situation because you get to hang with the person a bunch before you start to date.
If you decide that you like the person enough to ask out, then make sure you ask the friend first. It's common courtesy, and also they might be able to help.
Don't flaunt your relationship in front of your friend. Act like you did when you guys were just hanging out before you started dating. The last thing you need is an annoyed friend who lives with the person you are dating, because they can easily take you down.
If you must break up, no matter how hard it might be, try to do it as nice as possible. Try to stay friends after, or at least let the person know you want to be friends. You don't want to create an ugly situation. Also, give it time before you come over and visit, but not too much time. You still want to establish that it's fine for you to come over and hang out without it being awkward.
Don't brag about the person to your friend.


How To Get Hottie

Posted on 6:17 PM by Mr FX_is

How do you attract the most desirable, attractive and interesting women around? It must take a hell of a lot of money, muscles and bragging to attract these types of girls, you say? Nope, not at all. You just need to know the secrets and dirty tricks hidden from most men.

Here’s how it all breaks down:

Most guys want a beautiful, intelligent and interesting woman as their girlfriend. Others just want to have sex with a hottie but that’s exactly the same thing. If you want GET one, you need to know the dos and don’ts

So I am going to list the most important rules to make this as simple as I can:
First, if you are NICE to her or tell her how beautiful she looks, she will just ignore you. Every guy does that, and if you want to be like every man that wanted to pick her up or she has dated in the past, you won’t go very far.

Think about it. What chances do you have if you do what everyone else does? You wouldn’t be very different? That’s why you don’t offer an attractive woman a drink. You really don’t want to be the 17th guy the same night who wants to buy her a drink, really.

Second, don’t let her know that you are hitting on her. If she sees that you are just talking to her because you just want her number and date her, it’s over. That’s what she gets day in day out: Clingy and needy guys.

If you want to get somewhere, you have to keep her on her toes, play a bit hard to get and be a challenge. If she sees that you are nice to her and tell her that she has a very beautiful smile, then she won’t get sexually attracted to you. If you act needy, clingy or buy her a drink to get her number, she will get annoyed at you because you are just like every other guy.

Third, if you aren’t sure of yourself and come off as insecure … then she will walk all over you. If you act nervous, are shaking in her presence and mumble … let me tell you she will not think you are sexy. Women don’t think it’s cute like the media tells you. They will think that you are nice and it was a nice try but they won’t think you’re right for her. You got to be strong and confident here otherwise she will just turn her back on you.

Fourth, don’t back down if she gives you a little attitude like “why are you talking to me? Don’t you have any friends? Go away”. Remember it’s a test to get rid of all the wimps and nice-guys that will just waste her time. She knows if she acts a bit cold and like a bitch, all those guys she doesn’t want will leave her alone right there. Hold your ground and chip away on her confidence by telling her “aww you are so cute, you remind me of my little bratty sister” … that will disarm her attitude within an instant.

So next time you want to chat up a real hottie, you got to use a different approach. Try this:
When she is near you, say “HEY!” … to make her turn around and get your attention. Then say “You know what … you really SUCK! [pause] … you just walked by and didn’t even smile/say hi”.

That’s your way in. Keep teasing and busting her balls until she asks you for your name. Remember, they are hotties…so you got to play a stronger game to get them!